Terms of sale for online services/products

Below you can read the rules that form the basis for the preparation and execution of your online purchases / orders.

The customer of can consist of adult natural persons, legal entities and organizational units without legal personality to place orders on the online platform.

The platform user can be a person employed by the buyer under an employment contract or another contract based on legal provisions, mandated by the buyer to participate in the appropriate training (group purchase). This person must be mentioned by name, surname. The user can also be the buyer if he has bought the product for himself (individual purchase).

A course is a collection of educational material available on our website, combined into one common whole, comprising the knowledge reflected in the description and training program.

General information

To create an account on the online platform, it is necessary to provide an email address, because individual documents are sent by email: confirmation of registration and invoice.

By registering at you agree to the storage and processing of personal data. The Buyer / User has the right to view, correct and delete his own data. The personal data provided will only be processed for the performance of the concluded contract and will not be transferred or sold to other entities and used in a way that is contrary to applicable law.

The buyer and user are responsible for providing false personal data.

Placing an order does not mean that you accept it. AFKE KUNJA reserves the right to refuse an order. The buyer will be immediately informed of the reasons for the refusal, in particular if this is impossible or significantly prevented for reasons beyond the control of AFKE KUNJA.

Via the online platform

Orders on AFKE KUNJA’s online platform are accepted 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Acceptance of the order and execution takes place via the AfkeKunja.com website.

The order is accepted for execution after the correct completion of the form on the online platform of AFKE KUNJA.

Before placing the order, the Buyer is obliged to read and accept these regulations.

The order will be processed after payment of 100% of the amount due for the purchased product / service.

Using the AFKE KUNJA online platform requires an active email account and internet access.

A user account is required to use the platform.

After gaining access to the platform, the Buyer / User can change the access password.

Access to the platform is limited in time.

Each of the products on the platform contains a description indicating the maximum useful life of the platform.

Conclusion of the contract and performance of the service

AFKE KUNJA services can be purchased via the AFKE KUNJA online platform, by e-mail or by telephone. The same rate available on the platform applies to individual subscribers. Companies wishing to purchase group access to the online platform are always requested to contact Afke Kunja to take advantage of the group shopping offer.

Ordering the service online, by telephone or by e-mail and then placing the payment on the AFKE KUNJA account amounts to obtaining the opportunity to use the online platform.

If you click on the “buy and pay” button, a binding order is placed for the products / services in the shopping cart. Placing an order will be confirmed by e-mail immediately upon receipt of the order. The conclusion of a binding contract takes place after receipt of the order confirmation by the buyer.

The purchase requires an account on the AFKE KUNJA online platform. The user has access to the previously purchased service via the online platform.

When purchasing, you must provide your personal information, i.e. your first name, last name, street and house number, city and country. The data is only used for sending the invoice. The storage of personal data is in accordance with our privacy policy.

All product prices on the AFKE KUNJA online platform are net prices in Euro. The final, binding price is visible on the selected product at the time of placing the order by the buyer.

VAT is charged on the products purchased in accordance with applicable regulations.

The administrator issues invoices electronically for the products of the online platform of AFKE KUNJA. To receive an invoice, all fields in the order form must be completed.

Buyers who are not subject to VAT (eg Companies registered in the EU) are required to contact each time via the contact form indicated by the administrator to consider the possibility of issuing an invoice without charging VAT .

In the event that the Buyer buys the product without VAT charges via the AFKE KUNJA online platform without first contacting the administrator, the invoice will be drawn up with VAT compensation.

In the absence of contact with the Buyer / User not due to the fault of the AFKE KUNJA, and excluding the Buyer’s fault, the payment for the products will not be returned

If all tasks are not performed due to the Buyer’s / User’s fault, payment for the products will not be refunded.

The Buyer / User who has not completed the training is not entitled to any financial claims or refund of the fee paid.

Description of our online courses

The administrator creates an account for the Buyer / User based on the specified e-mail address.

A user account can only be assigned to one person.

Access to the service starts from the moment the payment is credited. The Buyer / User receives the access code (login, password) by e-mail, which he uses each time to log in to the user’s account.

The buyer can change the password at any time to access the online platform.

The user uses educational materials and mock exams on the AFKE KUNJA online platform to prepare for official exams. It is indicated per course what kind of official exam it concerns.

Taking an online course is not equivalent to passing an official exam.

An official exam only takes place in stationary form.

An official exam is not available online.

During the period of use, the Buyer / User has unlimited access to the use of the online courses.


All complaints regarding products / services purchased in our web store, as well as the order progression, must be submitted by email to info@afkekunja.com within 14 calendar days of their occurrence. Complaints submitted after this date will not be processed.

Any shortcomings in the complaint will be immediately communicated to the buyer. Information on how to fill the gaps in the complaint will be sent along with such notice to Buyer.

The complaint will be handled by AFKE KUNJA within 2 working days after receipt of a complete complaint. Within the specified period, the Buyer will be informed of AFKE KUNJA’s position.


If the Buyer / User finds that the online platform of AFKE KUNJA is not working properly, he is obliged to immediately inform AFKE KUNJA of the situation by sending an email to info@Afke Kunja.com.


All rights to the entire online platform of AFKE KUNJA is AFKE KUNJA the sole owner.

AFKE KUNJA’s online platform is commercially distributed and protected by copyright and intellectual property law. Copying, reproduction, and modifications require owner’s permission.

The online platform may not be copied and / or transferred for commercial purposes without the prior consent of the owner.

Users may not copy, distribute or share training content with third parties.

The online platform and its content may not be used during courses for training purposes by training centers and teachers. If you do, the Dutch law applies.

The user is obliged to use the AFKE KUNJA online platform in accordance with applicable law and the provisions of the above regulations.

AFKE KUNJA is not liable for damage caused by improper use of the online platform.

AFKE KUNJA reserves the right to switch off the online platform in whole or in part for an indefinite period of time in view of repair or modernization work.