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The lessons and boutique will be open from spring 2021.

Afke x

Roald Dahl once wrote: “a little magic will take you a long way.”
I believe that magic lies in the eye of the observer. The feeling I get when a simple little wet stone reflects the moonlight like a diamond and I am the only one there to witness it. These moments fill me with joy, instantly.

For more than two decades I’ve been a coach for many people. The last 5 years I am combining my coaching work with creativity as a stylist and designer. Slow living is my tone of voice in branding, styling dreams and making art. Connecting people with their magic drives me the most in life – their talent, waiting to be seen, in pictures, logo’s, interior and film.
Creating from ‘the inside out’, to make it last.


At the moment I am creating short films about branding, styling and photography and building an online boutique where you can get free content, small priced lessons and limited artwork.

Please send me an email or DM if you are interested in a coaching/ consulting call or like to collaborate business wise.